Joanna Jang is an emerging Canadian filmmaker that has received acclaim for herfirst short film HOSTAGE; a gritty dark drama action, that has won three Awards,including Award of Excellence at Indie Fest, and is The Gold Remi Winner at thisyear’s Houston World Fest for Best Short Film Thriller.

HOSTAGE has screened in over 10 festivals mostly throughout the United States,from Moving Image Film Festival that won Best Short film, Zero Film Festival at TheTribecca Grand in New York, and The Real World Film Festival.

One of her greatest assets is her ability to recruit prolific professionals.
From Cinematographer Justin Lovell (HOSTAGE) who also DP the CALL OF DUTYTRAILER: FIND MAKAROV, to composer Simon Poole (CHASE, HOSTAGE), aprevious intern at the HANZ ZIMMER STUDIOS; her ever growing team of talentedand emerging film industry professionals gives her the growing reputation of herability to produce hi quality and intense story driven films that engage the audiencein a thought provoking and emotionally haunting way.

Currently she is developing scripts for her first two features and producing variousshort films, including NE-ME-SIS, an erotic psychological thriller and a drama, STILLNOT THERE.